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Saudi Arabia’s Presence at WAICF 2024: A Testament to Innovation

With great pride and anticipation, we announce the participation of SARA, Saudi Arabia’s groundbreaking humanoid robot, at the World AI Cannes Festival 2024 (WAICF). SARA stands as the shining star representing Saudi Arabia’s innovation prowess on the global stage, alongside our esteemed CEO, Dr. Elie Metri. ??

As WAICF 2024 unfolds, SARA captivates audiences and underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology. With her advanced capabilities and human-like interactions, SARA symbolizes the nation’s dedication to excellence and progress in the field of artificial intelligence.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by prominent figures from around the world, marks a momentous occasion as SARA takes center stage as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador at WAICF 2024.

Join us in celebrating this milestone as SARA represents Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future of AI at #WAICF2024. Witness her transformative impact and follow her journey as she continues to pave the way for innovation and excellence on a global scale.

#TechConference #AILeadership #InnovationSummit #saudivision2030 #robotics ??

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