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Intelligent Logistics Solution with High-Level Efficiency and Convenience

Titan Delivery Robot is the pinnacle of autonomous delivery. With built-in intelligent obstacle avoidance, anti-fall, anti-collision, voice prompt, and autonomous recharging. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be deployed at hotels, parks and gated communities. Or even office buildings.
CHASSIS:Titan Delivery’s high-performance chassis is highly capable of autonomous navigation in any environment. Equipped with a precise 3D LIDAR, and an array of sensors for collision and fall avoidance, the Titan deliver chassis guarantees accurate navigation and route planning.
MULTI MODE:Titan Delivery can interact with your customers in multiple ways: Speech Recognition: Titan Delivery’s natural language processing capabilities allow it to understand human speech to receive commands or questions. Facial Recognition: The integrated facial recognition technology delivers accurate identification of human features, such as gender and age.

X1 Delivery Robot

For Indoor Delivery

Processing High-Definition depth image data for high precision positioning

TOF Camera Processing high definition depth image data for high-precision positioning

 dTOF LiDAR Class-leading ranging and 3D imaging for all-round perception of the surrounding environment

3D Camera x 2 Class-leading ranging and 3D imaging for all-round perception of the surrounding environment


Driverless Smart Van

For OUTDOOR Delivery


Our Driverless Smart Van is featured by modularization. The upper container can be detached and exchanged from one to another to meet an array of purposes. Thanks to the modular design, the product can be a proper solution for almost all scenarios.



  • Intelligent management platform
  • Integrated design
  • Different modules for different scenarios

Robobus Smart Vehicle

The Future of Mobility

Full stack solution built from the ground up featuring leading technologies in mapping, perception and motion planning.

  • Autonomous driving.
  • Modularized hardware with full redundancy.
  • Highly efficient automated data utilization.
  • Powered by a sufsticated AI.
  • Designed for Complex Urban Environments.

Attendant Robot

For OUTDOOR Delivery

Our VIP Attendant Robot

Terminus Titan Attendant Robot is a service robot designed
for public settings. It is equipped with automatic motion system, capable of performing tasks in offices, schools, shopping
centers, etc. It provides multiple services including greeting,
information management, self-service, and visitor access management.


  • Consultation
  • Guiding
  • Business Processing
  • VIP reception

Wizo Humanoid Robot

Intelligent Service Without Limits

WISO provides a new generation with service applications for a variety of industries and domestic environments.

Precise Navigation : Using proprietary U-SLAM navigation technology, Wiso can adapt routes to environment changes, map areas up to 10,000sqft, avoid ledges and edges to arrive at any location with precision.

Centralized Control Center: With Wiso’s centralized control center, you can observe all your robots from one easy to use dashboard and gain invaluable information about your customers.

U-Meeting Video Call System: Instantly bring a human in the loop and extend your workforce with our video call system.

Facial Recognition: Create unique personalized experiences with Wiso’s facial recognition technology. Wiso can remember users and recommend relevant products and services based on past behaviors.

Sanitizer Robot

Intelligent Logistics Solution with High-Level Efficiency and Convenience

Terminus Titan Sanitizer Pro Robot is the world’s first robot sanitizer targeting large scale public places including office buildings, airports, hotels etc. It is capable of full-filling multipoint disinfection tasks in densely-populated indoor space.
Equipped with a pioneered high-mobility chassis, the Sanitizer Pro
Robot is able to achieve seamless sanitization 360° around targets,
minimizing the risk of infection and operation costs.

Robotic Wheelchair

First Step in Wheelchair Development.

Robotic wheelchair is an amalgamation of intelligent
robotics technology and an electric wheelchair. It is a kind of
enhanced wheelchair that has capabilities of navigating,
detecting obstacles and moving automatically by utilizing
sensors and artificial intelligence

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Kuka Robotic Arm

Intelligent And Flexible Automation  

KUKA Arm offers industrial revolution in a wide range of versions with various payload capacities and reaches, to ensure faster and cost effective environments.

  • Expandable software
  • Ergonomic control panel with capacitive touch display
  • Freely Configurable

Industrail - Multi Functional Robotic Arm


patrol ROBOT

a cutting-edge security focused robot solution especially designed for public spaces
Patrol comes equipped with a High-Tech 360-degree camera system, Facial Recognition, Thermal Imaging and Night Vision. Titan Patrol excels in closed or semi-closed environments ranging from traffic checkpoints, campuses to industrial parks, malls and airports.
24×7 Autonomous Patrol, Rain or Shine, Night Vision HD security camera with night vision and capable of long-endurance tasks up to 8h

SPOT Robot

for Industrial Inspections

Automate remote or hazardous inspections with Spot, the agile mobile robot.
VISUAL INSPECTION : Employ Spot to collect color visuals and perform detailed inspections with a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.

GAUGE READING: Read analog gauges measuring pressure, flow, temperature, and more. Inspect gauges from afar using a 30x optical zoom lens.

THERMAL SENSING: Optional integrated thermal camera allows you to detect issue-indicating hot spots in tanks, machinery, or electrical conductors.

LEAK DETECTION: Process visuals collected by the Spot CAM payload to detect water and steam leaks around plants and recognize equipment with degraded performance.

LASER SCANNING: Equip Spot with a laser scanner and program routine scanning routes to create digital twins of worksites and identify rework sooner.

DOG Robot

  • Localization and Mapping
  • 3D environment construction
  • Dynamic obstacle detection
  • Global positioning
  • Circulating detection

Alpha mini Educational Robot

AlphaMini can deploy customized teaching activities on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups. He can help educators to teach core subjects including reading, writing, math, English…as well as a wide range of fields linked to robotics such as mechanics, motion control and computer science.
Equipped with sensors, gyroscope, dual IPS LCD, 4 mic arrays, HD camera, 14 servos and communication kit, Alpha mini is a great for primary and middle school students engagement with future technologies.


Educational Robotic Kit

First Step in AI Education: Learners can experience robotic automation through creating and programming the robots. uKit is programmable building block kit which allows students to easily access the coding world with its APP dynamic instruction and hundreds of parts which can be combined into many different models.

OPEN-SOURCE Robotics for Rich Learning: The uKit has a main control box equipped with Arduino open-source platform which offers an incredible amount of electronics and programming learning resources from contributions of users worldwide.

Scrubber 50 /50 Sprayer

Facility Management Robotics

  • Multiple Sensors Long-range lidar, visual sensor, and passive collision sensors are all fused together to empower the robot to detect various obstacles from all directions.
  • Roller & Disc Brush Optional for roller brush or disc brush
  • Dual Purpose Auto and manual mode
  • Work station with optional work station the robo can cha t rge, refill and drain itself autonomously 
  • Dust mop Dust mopping function is available

Scrubber 75 / 75P

Facility Management Robots

  • Multiple Sensors 3D lidar, 2D lidar, visual sensors, and passive collision sensors are all fused together to empower Scrubber 75 to detect various obstacles from all directions
  • Dual Purpose Auto and manual mode
  • Front Brush Head Front brush head rotate 270° with brush rotation speed at 270 rpm and scrubbing pressure 45kg (99 lb) , leaving no area uncleaned
  • Mini Roller Brush Optional for light sweeping

Sweeper 111

Facility Management Robotics

  • Multiple Sensors Long-range lidar, visual sensor, and passive collision sensors are all fused together to empower Sweeper 111 to detect various obstacles from all directions
  • Dual Purpose Manual and automatic mode
  • Climbing ability Climbs up to 11 degrees
  • Differential chassis Flexible steering gear free to move in and out

Vacuum 40 / 40 Diffuser

Facility Management Robots

  • Suction Power 24 KPa (3.4 PSI) suction motor with max. air flow volume of 2m3 per minute
  • Dual Purpose Auto and manual mode
  • Dust Bag Super Capacity 12L (3 US GAL)
  • HEPA H13 filter grade
  • Charging dock Optional
  • Adjustable Roller Brush
  • Adjustable roller brush to adapt to different floorings
  • Trash Tray 2.5L (0.7 US GAL) capacity



AMR Intelligent System

Entire Manufacturing Process Covered 

Raw material inbound/outbound, raw material picking/supplying, semi-product transporting, finished product inbound/storing/picking/outbound.

  • Extendable product models Serving your production better
  • AMR autonomous transportation Reducing labor cost
  • Closed loop digitalized information, Building up smart factory system

Pain Points 

  • High Labor Cost 
  • Underlying Safety Challenges
  • Poor Producing Flexibility

QSS ROS Platform

Intelligent Service Without Limits

QSS Platform enables you to control your Robotic Devices, You can make them move, speak, in multiple languages, make and play little programs, look through their camera and so much more.

  • Full remote Control of your robot via local network or cloud connection
  • Create a map of your surroundings, points of interest and navigate between them
  • Create tailored surveys and quizzies in your business or personal style
  • Access security footage
  • Initiate a bidirectional video conference
  • Create simple or complex sequences of tasks
  • Use the task manager to start any sequence of taks on a wide range of triggers

Shaping the future

A comprehensive range of industrial robots. You will always find the right one, no matter how challenging the application. Programmed to perform dangerous, dirty and/or repetitive tasks with consistent precision and accuracy





Solutions for Every Industry

An industrial robot that is specially designed for press-to-press automation. With its extremely high precision and enormous reach, it is the first choice for loading, unloading and linking press lines

Experience the precision
and accuracy

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Solutions for
SAFER & intelligent future

Solutions for
SAFER & intelligent future

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