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QSS offers intelligent video monitoring solutions specifically for large-scale projects and wide areas Panoramic and Computer Vision Technologies allowed our customers to reach new possibilities in video surveillance. Uniquely in the market we provide video analysis on hundreds of megapixel resolution JPEG2000 image streams.


Detection And Tracking Unit

The MTDU is a fully integrated single unit, which has a wide range of mission capabilities with flexible, and high-performance multi-sensor technologies. It includes a 200MP Panoramic camera, a Long Range Radar and Long Range Thermal tracking technologies, plus Gyro-stabilization
The MTDU increases the probability of early detection with low false alarm and false negative rates under various environmental conditions. It supports and helps the everyday work of Land/ Sea Border Security and any other public authorities that may be engaged during abnormal events. The system performs continuous monitoring and surveillance of potential intrusion threats, within a given time frame, preventing their entry into the protected territory allowing the forces time to intercept and capture the prospect intruders in a timely manner.

  • 200 MP 180-degree panoramic camera
  • Up to 32 km Instrumented detection range
  • Long-range thermal camera with LRF
  • Long-range visible day/night camera

Critical Infrastructure

The solution is developed to efficiently protect critical infrastructure sites, such as power plants, oil refineries, ports and other industrial facilities from perimeter intrusions and internal threats. Logipix intelligent Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Real-time Decision Making Support (RTDMS) ensure a safer environment and smooth infrastructure operation. They help minimize false alarm rates and also increase situational awareness.

Complete Solution – An end-to-end solution comprising of high-end Panorama and PTZ Cameras, Network Video Recorders, and specially developed Video Monitoring Software (Control Center).

Coverage of critical areas

Each area of a critical infrastructure facility can be covered delivering necessary resolution for the desired functions. Logipix 200-320 MP Panorama Cameras monitor vast areas and long perimeter sections. Places that are obscured for Panoramas can be covered with high-end 20 MP single and 6 MP PTZ cameras. Built-in or integrated, synchronized IR Laser Flashes ensure proper illumination in areas with moderate lighting during night monitoring.


Developed Computer Vision Technologies for automatic and accurate analysis of situations, and to provide real-time detection and early prediction of incidents that may pose threats in critical infrastructure environments. The comprehensive solution was designed to guide the attention of operators to prior situations. Therefore they can react fast and efficiently to prevent accidents and unauthorized activities.


QSS offers precisely and automatically detects various types of traffic violations around the clock. The solution provides full violation management workflow from automatic detection to creating a compiled violation package that can be used by proper authorities.

Fast and easy verification process – Logipix developed an easy-to-use software, the Violation Management Client in order to process the largest number of violations possible.


QSS developed a complete system that automatically detects traffic violations. The detection methods rely on Video Content Analysis, 20 MP camera images and high-end 3D radars. Traffic violations are detected with unmatched accuracy both day and night, as advanced IR Laser Flashes works synchronized with the cameras. Detectable traffic violation types: Overspeed | Stop sign | Red light | Bus lane | Wrong-way | No left turn | Parking


Intelligent system  stores captured violations and collects all relevant information from connected ANPRs and vehicle databases in order to compile a complete violation package. A specially developed Logipix server distributes these packages among connected clients. Violation verification is performed by operators in a simple, straightforward software, the Violation Management Client.


The LAARS brings extended vision and computer-based intelligence into airside monitoring. It provides improved control over ground operations and also assists to prevent minor and major incidents. The solution delivers the best-in-class panoramic video monitoring aided by advanced computer vision technologies. Utilizing the Logipix VCA functions, customers earn accurate object tracking, immediate alerts of violations and possible incidents, furthermore automatic calculations on aircraft ground operation times.

Vision far beyond human eye capabilities – High-end Logipix cameras provides extreme resolution and wide dynamic range under various lighting conditions. 200-320 MP Panorama cameras monitor vast areas from a single viewpoint.


Video monitoring with 200-320 MP Panorama cameras to observe everyday operations at the airside. These images can effectively supplement normal observation as they ensure a resolution that is far beyond human eye capabilities. Controllers can watch the continuous live stream and they can zoom in on any desired, monitored area and see fine details at far distances.


VCA and RTDMS allow to automatically detect and even predict several incidents and they also help optimize airside processes. Automatically generated warnings and alarms guide the attention of operators and controllers. RTDMS intelligently optimizes the front end visualization of all signals generated in the system, as it automatically weights and filters the large number of situations and highlights the relevant ones.


The solution is designed to monitor long, open-air border sections, whether they are land or water, and cover the surrounding area for several kilometres in the horizontal depth. Logipix provides automatic detection, classification and tracking of targets within the monitored area and with Real-time Decision Making Support, it helps operators quickly react to threats like smuggling, terrorism and illegal immigration. Our border surveillance solution adapts to different environmental conditions, it can act as a much more effective alternative to fences but also strengthens existing ones.

Panoramic view – 200-960 MP panoramic images ensure better spatial awareness for operators, as large areas are displayed simultaneously and the relative positions of landscape formations help visual orientation.


The main line of visual coverage consists of Logipix Panorama cameras. A single 320 MP Panorama camera has 40° FOV and effectively monitors an area of 8 km2 from a single viewpoint. Its resolution allows to detect humans within a range of up to 3 km. Three of these cameras can be installed at a single spot, providing 120° FOV and 24 km2 area coverage. In case a narrower area should be monitored near a defense line, Logipix 20 MP cameras can be used in a desired structure.


In effective threat detection, continuous visual coverage of immense areas is just the first step. Automatic detection, efficient object classification and liable visual verification are all essential. Radars and intrusion sensors are prone to generate false alarms in a relatively large number. On the other hand, Logipix developed Computer Vision Technologies for accurate object detection and classification which minimizes false alarm rates. The immense resolution and automatic zoom functions allow operators to decide between non-threatening objects and targets that require fast respond.


help cities achieve a more sustainable and livable environment. The solution provides automatic traffic violation detection functions and also surveils large public areas, streets and roads. With the smart solution of Logipix, cities can progress and ensure the safety of their traffic and the security of people even in the densest urban environments.

Intelligent traffic surveillance – Logipix combines Video Content Analysis and radar-based methods to automatically detect various types of traffic violations in all lighting conditions with unmatched accuracy.


One goal of the Logipix solution is to help maintain security in everyday traffic by accurately detecting and recording several types of traffic violations and providing irrefutable evidences for local authorities. As drivers know that all their violating actions could be captured, they are more likely to comply with traffic rules. This eventually results in smoother traffic flow. As less violations appear, the number of potential accidents and traffic jams can be excessively reduced.


The other goal of Logipix Safe and Smart City Solution is to provide intelligent city video surveillance. The system is able to efficiently surveil large-scale areas 24/7 and help cities maintain security on their streets. Thanks to real-time information sharing, operators can react quickly on any suspicious activity and proper authorities can take efficient security measures. All violent and criminal activities are captured on high-resolution security footage, wherein face recognition is possible even at far distances. These recordings can be used as irrefutable visual evidences on demand.


Ensures safer environments in stadiums. The solution increases security operational awareness by covering the entire seating area with 120-320 MP panoramic videos wherein every individual is recognizable. It helps operators react quickly to suspicious situations, prevent or defuse outbursts, and efficiently investigate prior incidents.


Full coverage – The entire seating area can be monitored with only a few Logipix panoramic images, even in the largest stadiums.


Watching 120-320 MP panoramic streams operators can easily spot any suspicious situation at the stadium seats. They can react fast to any disorderly conduct and instruct the security staff to take necessary measures in order to prevent escalating situations. Thanks to the extreme high-resolution images and easy-to-use zoom functions, operators get fine-details of all spectators and they can manually track any motion and action in the monitored area. Following the situation in panoramic images and zoom windows simultaneously results in better spatial orientation and more confident instructions to guide security guards.


In case any incident occurs that needs further investigation, operators or proper authorities use full resolution security footage to explore the case thoroughly. They can search among exceptionally detailed images and use them as irrefutable evidence on demand. High-resolution video crops can be exported and images can be saved and printed of spectators to undoubtedly identify them. Data integrity ensures all image files are intact and unchanged.


Considering the various characteristics of different application areas

object cliassification


situational awareness

false alarm detection

target tracking

traffic violation detection



The solution is developed to efficiently protect critical infrastructure sites, such as power plants, oil refineries, ports and other industrial facilities

CRITICAL Infrastructure

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Solutions for
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