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The First Saudi Made Modular Autonomous Robot

Saudi made modular
autonomous robot

The Saudi-made modular autonomous robot, crafted with versatility and innovation at its core, offers a range of models designed to meet diverse operational needs across various industries. Each model embodies adaptability and precision, equipped with interchangeable modules that enable a multitude of tasks, from intricate assembly to complex terrain navigation.

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BASE Module


Facility Management Module

Delivery Module

Industrial Module

Traffic Module

MMAR Software

The intelligent crime detecting software Built from scratch, the software contains 5 AI engines that work together to define suspects and report incidents After recognizing the identity of the target through the Facial Recognition engine, the software is able to understand the target’s actions using the behavior Analysis engine and determine whether or not they are a suspect by using the Suspect Matrix and Criminal Logic engines.

Solutions for
SAFER & intelligent future

Solutions for
SAFER & intelligent future

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