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Sara ‘s Presence at Gartner, Barcelona 2023

We are delighted to reflect on our remarkable participation in the GARTNER SYMPOSIUM, which took place from November 6th to November 9th in Barcelona, Spain. This event was a significant milestone for us, as we showcased SARA, our pioneering Saudi-made humanoid robot, on an international stage.

In collaboration with the Digital Government Authority and with support from Gartner, SARA represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, demonstrating our commitment to technological advancement and innovation. Her participation was not just a moment of pride for our team but a testament to the forward-thinking spirit and creativity that drive us.

SARA’s presence at the symposium underscored our achievements and marked a pivotal moment in our journey towards becoming global leaders in technological development. This event has set a new benchmark for us, inspiring future projects and affirming our place on the world stage of innovation.

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