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Marking a milestone: Mou Signing Between QSS and STC Group for Robotics and smart solutions

In a landmark move on September 20 of 2023 at the STC Group’s office, a strategic partnership was formed between the STC Group and Quality Support Solutions (QSS) to usher in a new era of innovation. This collaboration aims to merge the technological expertise of STC Group with QSS’s profound knowledge of robotics, promising groundbreaking smart solutions and robotics that will reshape industries.

STC Group, a stalwart in technology and telecommunications, has a rich history of pioneering innovation. Meanwhile, QSS is known for its excellence in robotics, Ai and smart solutions have significantly impacted various industries, including healthcare, tourism, F&B, education, security, entertainment and logistics.

This partnership focuses on introducing intelligent automation into various sectors, boosting productivity, reducing operational costs, and creating fresh growth opportunities. It underlines both companies’ shared dedication to advancing technology for the betterment of Saudi Arabia and Vision 2030.

The STC Group and QSS collaboration sets the stage for transformation, promising to redefine industries and enhance the way we can fulfill the Vision 20230. Watch for the remarkable advancements that will emerge from this dynamic partnership.

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Solutions for
SAFER & intelligent future

Solutions for
SAFER & intelligent future

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