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Pioneering Partnership: MoU SIGNED with Saudi Broadcasting Authority (sba)

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey of innovation – the signing of a strategic Memoriam of Understanding (MoU) with the distinguished Saudi Broadcasting Authority. This collaboration exemplifies our unwavering commitment to advancing robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and technology.

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology has propelled us forward, and this partnership promises to be a game-changer. Together with the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, a leading institution in media and technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are set to embark on a journey of discovery.

Our collaborative efforts will span various areas, including robotics, AI, technology, and technical content. We are excited to empower emerging initiatives with innovative robotics and AI solutions. Notably, our robotic creation, Sarah, will play an active role in Saudi National Day and other TV programs, showcasing the potential of robotics and AI in enhancing entertainment and education.

Furthermore, we are committed to crafting an exciting TV documentary that will shed light on Saudi Arabia’s progress in the fields of robotics and AI. Stay tuned for updates on this remarkable journey as we work together to shape the future of technology in the Kingdom. ??

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Solutions for
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