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Industrial Robots

QSS offers a comprehensive range of industrial robots where you will always find the right one, no matter how challenging the application.

Industrial robots are increasingly used in a variety of industries and application as they come in a wide range of models with the reach distance, payload capacity and the number of axes of travel (up to six) of their jointed arm being the most common distinguishing characteristics to achieve the complex type of activities with precision.

SPOT Robot

for Industrial Inspections

Automate remote or hazardous inspections with Spot, the agile mobile robot.
VISUAL INSPECTION : Employ Spot to collect color visuals and perform detailed inspections with a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.

GAUGE READING: Read analog gauges measuring pressure, flow, temperature, and more. Inspect gauges from afar using a 30x optical zoom lens.

THERMAL SENSING: Optional integrated thermal camera allows you to detect issue-indicating hot spots in tanks, machinery, or electrical conductors.

LEAK DETECTION: Process visuals collected by the Spot CAM payload to detect water and steam leaks around plants and recognize equipment with degraded performance.

LASER SCANNING: Equip Spot with a laser scanner and program routine scanning routes to create digital twins of worksites and identify rework sooner.

Stretch Robot

automated case handling

Stretch is a versatile mobile robot for case handling, designed for easy deployment in existing warehouses. Unload trucks and build pallets faster by sending the robot to the work, eliminating the need for new fixed infrastructure.

FLEXIBLE:Automate case handling anywhere in the warehouse with advanced mobility, reducing the need for fixed infrastructure.

EFFICIENT: Maximize pick rates with hardware and software optimized to go beyond a full shift.

SMART:Handle package variability in challenging environments with state-of-the-art vision systems.



Intelligent Logistics Solution with High-Level Efficiency and Convenience

Titan Delivery Robot is the pinnacle of autonomous delivery. With built-in intelligent obstacle avoidance, anti-fall, anti-collision, voice prompt, and autonomous recharging. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be deployed at hotels, parks and gated communities. Or even office buildings.
CHASSIS:Titan Delivery’s high-performance chassis is highly capable of autonomous navigation in any environment. Equipped with a precise 3D LIDAR, and an array of sensors for collision and fall avoidance, the Titan deliver chassis guarantees accurate navigation and route planning.
MULTI MODE:Titan Delivery can interact with your customers in multiple ways: Speech Recognition: Titan Delivery’s natural language processing capabilities allow it to understand human speech to receive commands or questions. Facial Recognition: The integrated facial recognition technology delivers accurate identification of human features, such as gender and age.


Sanitizer Robot

Intelligent Logistics Solution with High-Level Efficiency and Convenience
Sanitizer Pro Robot is the world’s first robot sanitizer targeting large-scale public places including office buildings, airports, hotels and places as such.
It is capable of fulfilling multipoint disinfection tasks in densely-populated indoor space. Equipped with a pioneered high-mobility chassis, the Sanitizer Pro Robot is able to achieve seamless sanitization 360° around targets, minimizing the risk of infection and operation costs.


patrol ROBOT

a cutting-edge security focused robot solution especially designed for public spaces
Patrol comes equipped with a High-Tech 360-degree camera system, Facial Recognition, Thermal Imaging and Night Vision. Titan Patrol excels in closed or semi-closed environments ranging from traffic checkpoints, campuses to industrial parks, malls and airports.
24×7 Autonomous Patrol, Rain or Shine, Night Vision HD security camera with night vision and capable of long-endurance tasks up to 8h


Cloud Based Intelligent Service Robot

Designed to empower the most tech-savvy households and businesses, It provides service applications for the future.

Precise Navigation : Using proprietary U-SLAM navigation technology, Wiso can adapt routes to environment changes, map areas up to 10,000sqft, avoid ledges and edges to arrive at any location with precision.

Centralized Control Center: With Wiso’s centralized control center, you can observe all your robots from one easy to use dashboard and gain invaluable information about your customers.

U-Meeting Video Call System: Instantly bring a human in the loop and extend your workforce with our video call system.

Facial Recognition: Create unique personalized experiences with Wiso’s facial recognition technology. Wiso can remember users and recommend relevant products and services based on past behaviors.



  • Visitor Access Management
  • Entertainment and Interaction
  • Fantastic Dance and Parade Performance
  • Overhead Button
  • Full Autonomy
  • Mobile App
  • Language Processing


Driverless Smart Van

A driverless delivery product especially designed for express terminal distribution.
Powered by excellent navigation technology, it works well in multiple scenarios. Featured by modularization design, it is highly flexible in external structure and function. With Level-4 autonomous driving (high driving automation), it is capable of intelligent movement control and decision making.
Titan Driverless Smart Van is featured by modularization. The upper container can be detached and exchanged from one to another to meet an array of purposes. Thanks to the modular design, the product can be a proper solution for almost all scenarios.

Alpha mini Educational Robot

Walker Humanoid Robot



Shaping the future

A comprehensive range of industrial robots. You will always find the right one, no matter how challenging the application. Programmed to perform dangerous, dirty and/or repetitive tasks with consistent precision and accuracy





Solutions for Every Industry

An industrial robot that is specially designed for press-to-press automation. With its extremely high precision and enormous reach, it is the first choice for loading, unloading and linking press lines

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Solutions for
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Solutions for
SAFER & intelligent future

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